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Laser diode and line drivers, opto sensors, emitters and encoders, DC/DC converters, I/O circuits and interpolators


iC-Haus develops and manufactures application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and is a leading specialist for monolithic mixed-signal circuits and microsystems. Quality engineering has been established in international standards, such as ISO9001. iC-Haus products are authorized for industrial, medical, military, and automotive use and follow FMEA methods and safety requirements.

Their range of technologies covers high voltage and linear bipolar, high density and analog CMOS and power BCD processes. With optional optolayers, they have also created OPTO-ASICs, monolithic microsystems with integrated sensors. They also support customized packaging. Chip layout and circuit topology can be tailored to your individual requirements, resulting in exclusive ASICs from iC-Haus.