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North Pole Engineering

Wireless development tools for medical, defense, and consumer electronic markets

North Pole Engineering is an experienced designer of medical, defense and consumer electronic devices with a solid record of commercialization successes.

NPE’s WiFi-IT! 802.11 wireless development tools based on GainSpan Wi-Fi modules allow designers to quickly and inexpensively create a direct connection to the Internet through standard 802.11 b/g/n access points. The WiFi-IT! Development System gets products to market quickly with FCC/IC/ETSI certified Wi-Fi modules and two ways to utilize them. Add Wi-Fi capability to an external microcontroller using a serial interface with NPE’s Wireless-Wire software. Wireless-Wire turns any device into a Wi-Fi enabled device. Or obtain greater functionality and lower cost by writing your application in WiFi-Basic and running it directly on the application processor within the WiFi-IT! module.

The WiFi-IT! Development System supports rapid development with low design effort, low power consumption and low total cost for the smart energy grid, industrial controls for monitoring processes or providing remote device management.