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PLX Technology

I/O Interconnects including USB Controllers, PCI & PCI-X Bridges, PCI Express Bridges, software, hardware and development tools

PLX develops products based on PCI Express (PCIe). In addition to high-performance silicon, their complete solution includes high-end software and hardware development tools that enable customers to bring products to market faster. Target applications include servers, storage, communications, embedded control, and consumer devices.

Since acquiring Oxford Semiconductor, PLX has also added Oxford’s reliable, high-performance silicon and software solutions for interconnect digital systems, whether serial, parallel, USB, FireWire, Ethernet, SATA or eSATA. Their high performance system-on-a-chip solutions are part of a diverse range of highly differentiated end products, from external data storage and mobile phones to printers and point-of-sale equipment. PLX offers product manufacturers complete solutions: silicon, software, firmware, reference designs, evaluation boards and dedicated customer support.