Our sales, technical, web and operations teams are all committed to providing a great customer experience at every touch point.

Gil Zaharoni Symmetry Electronics

Gil Zaharoni

Mr. Zaharoni, co-founder of Symmetry Electronics, built the company into one of the industry’s fastest-growing franchised distributors. Mr. Zaharoni now provides visionary strategic guidance for Symmetry Electronics as well as managing and overseeing a number of other companies within Zaharoni Industries, many of which he helped establish and build from the ground up.

Ken Davison Symmetry Electronics

Ken Davison

Mr. Davison is responsible for the strategic direction, day-to-day operations and performance of Symmetry Electronics globally. A 29-year industry veteran, Ken joined Symmetry in 2013 as Vice President of Business Development after holding numerous strategic sales management and marketing roles at both Avnet Electronics and Memec. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University, Northridge.

Clancy Barham

VP, Sales, Americas and Asia
Mr. Clancy Barham is the Symmetry Electronics Corp. Director of Sales and Marketing for the Americas and has over 30 years experience in the technology industry. After graduating from Sonoma State University with a degree in English, Mr. Barham’s professional career began with 21 years at Anthem Electronics, a company focused on high-end audio/video equipment, where he served as company director and then Vice President. Following Anthem, Clancy spent 10 years as the President of Sales at Technologies West, a test and measurement instrument/component manufacturer representative. Before joining Symmetry in 2008, Clancy was the Director of Sales at Dyntek (PINK: DYNE) an IT services company. As the Symmetry Electronics Director of Sales for the Americas, Clancy is responsible for overseeing all sales representatives and top tier accounts in the Western Hemisphere, and continuously works to develop new opportunities by bringing Symmetry into new markets. When he is not in the office, Clancy enjoys spending time with his family including three daughters, two granddaughters and grandson.

David Beck

VP Marketing
David Beck is the Director of Technical Marketing for Symmetry Electronics. In 2005, he started working for Symmetry as an FAE based out of the San Jose, CA branch. As Symmetry’s Technical Marketing Director, David manages the FAE team and technical support division while focusing on supplier relationships and adding new suppliers to the line card. David was the creative force behind Symmetry’s Wireless, Video and Embedded directive and oversees all technical content for both SymmetryElectronics.com and the Symmetry e-commerce site: SemiconductorStore.com. Prior to Symmetry Electronics, David had various Hardware Engineering roles at Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and National Instruments. David graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and earned his M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin.

Patty Steiman

VP, eCommerce and Business Development
Ms. Steiman brings over 25 years of expertise in semiconductor distribution to her role as VP of eCommerce and Business Development at Symmetry Electronics. In 2004, she led the team that launched SemiconductorStore.com, and she continues to rapidly grow Symmetry’s eCommerce division and web presence. Ms. Steiman’s background of successfully growing her own electronics distribution company and her distinction of being an early advocate for quality management practices allow her to skillfully handle many aspects of the business including business development, eCommerce, and omnichannel marketing strategy.

Joe Caravana

Mr. Caravana, co-founder of Symmetry Electronics, contributes leadership and more than 30 years experience in the electronics industry to creating the structure and direction of the company. Mr. Caravana’s current focus at Symmetry is establishing core business partnerships and leading business development plans for entry into new global markets.