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TOP 5 UNDER $50 – 5 Of Our Favorite Dev /Eval Tools Under $50.00 Featuring Lattice Semiconductor, RF Digital, Nordic, Micronas and Silicon Labs

Lattice Semiconductor MachXO3LF FPGA Starter Kit – $20.59 The Lattice Semiconductor LCMXO3LF-6900C-S-EVN basic breakout board is designed for easy evaluation and development of the MachXO3LF family of I/O expansion products. The evaluation board features a 3 x 3 form factor, programming and power via USB, a prototyping area, and an LED

NimbeLink’s 4G LTE CAT 1 embedded modem is first with FCC and carrier-required end-device-certification

NimbeLink is expanding its award-winning Skywire family of cellular modems with the addition of a 4G LTE CAT 1 embedded modem. This new product is comparable in price and speed to 15 year-old 2G technology, but is specifically designed to bring 4G LTE capabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT)

ZigBee Range Finder for ZigBee Simulations of RSSI and Energy Scans from Silicon Labs

A building survey tool for ZigBee / 802.15.4 networks which will improve the reliability of your ZigBee network and will guarantee the success of installation. Why Range Finder Range Finder can accurately pre-assess reliability the ZigBee network at a location before actual installation. Helps ZigBee network installer find best location

[VIDEO] An Introduction to the Telit Cellular LTE-IN-A-BOX Kit

Symmetry Electronics continues to make Cellular M2M design easier with the release of its latest exclusive custom Telit Cellular IN-A-BOX quick-start development kits, the LTE-IN-A-BOX kit. Symmetry’s Cellular IN-A-BOX quick-start development kits, based on Telit CE910, DE910, HE910, and GE864-GPS M2M modules, include everything required to begin a cellular design

MultiTech to Demonstrate LoRa Enabled MultiConnect Cell Hardware at UTC Telecom and Technology Conference (May 3-6)

Visit MultiTech in booth 931 at this years UTC TELECOM & TECHNOLOGY 2016. On display will be the first suite of LoRa® enabled hardware. MultiTech will also show products that are currently being used in energy solutions, like the MultiConnect® Cell. The MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular modems are fully

[VIDEO] Flying Eye Relies on Digi XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment

Flying Eye drones are designed to spray crops, capture breathtaking photos and videos of remote locations, and extend the reach and agility of customers around the world. They are built with backup parachutes that can be remotely activated in the event of drone failure or flight disruption. The drone operator’s

Promoting Environmental Sustainability with Wireless M2M Connectivity

The proliferation of connected devices, estimated by Gartner to be at 6.4 billion this year, along with improvements in wireless solutions that enable connectivity in the most rugged environments, are transforming our relationship with the environment – for the better, says Rob Faludi, chief innovator at Digi International. In recognition of

Telit Wireless Solutions Presents: Top 10 criteria for selecting the right IoT data plan

Do you have the right IoT Data Plan? IoT deployments can be complex and costly. Therefore, it’s important that you have a dedicated and knowledgeable IoT connectivity provider who gives you predictable and reliable performance, superior customer service, simple terms and pricing with no hidden fees or surprises. To help

11 of 20 Competitors Used DecaWave UWB Technology in 3D Radio-based Location Solutions for Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition

Decawave, specializing in precise location and connectivity applications, reached another important milestone for its ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in the 2016 Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition. Eleven of 20 competitors used Decawave technology in their 3D radio-based location solution with several placing in the top-five performance results. This is the second year

Chromium OS Now Runs on the Raspberry Pi

The ChromeOS-inspired Chromium OS has been ported to a couple Raspberry Pi models. The ChromiumRPI releases are only at version 0.5 right now, and they’re missing some yummy features like support for Wi-Fi, Netflix, and HTML5 video—but they do run. While this latest release only supports the Raspberry Pi 2

Energy Usage Monitoring with the Lantronix Embedded Wi-Fi® Easy Provisioning

Challenge: The customer is a leading manufacturer of white goods. The application is to monitor energy usage and other parameters of commercial clothes dryers for business intelligence and preventative maintenance. Key Requirements: Connect via Wi-Fi to an existing infrastructure network Offer simplicity and ease of configuration at the end customer

Realtek’s Award Winning ‘Ameba’ Solution Part of ‘Taipei Smart City: Air Box PM2.5’ Clean Air Project

The issue of air pollution has become a massive international problem in recent years, thus resulting in a rising awareness of environment protection by citizens. Realtek is excited to have the chance to team up with Taipei City Government, combining the forces of industry, government, academic institutions, and citizens to

[VIDEO] 3 Methods for Programming the BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module

As many of you who may follow Silicon Labs products, the BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module is SiLab’s smallest, lowest power Bluetooth Smart Module and because it integrates an antenna, software, and RF certifications it can help reduce time to market. In the following video, embedded designer, James Langbridge walks us through the three methods

Silicon Motion Osprey Visual IoT Embedded Solution with HD Display Capability and Reliable Ferri-eMMC Storage

Osprey Visual IoT is a complete product ready platform for connected display devices where small form factor and low power are key requirements for systems targeted at applications from POS terminals, kiosk, digital signage, and consumer devices such as digital picture frames. Test instruments, medical devices and dual head human

AMD Forms Joint Venture in China for x86 Server SoCs

As part of the release of AMD’s Q1 2016 financial results, the company is announcing that they are forming a new joint venture to develop x86 SoCs for the Chinese market. The hereto unnamed joint venture will see AMD pair up with Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Co., Ltd (THATIC),

Symmetry’s Custom Telit Based 4G Development Kit for IoT/M2M Applications: Getting Started Guide Featured on HWTrek

Complete 4G/LTE cellular M2M dev kits are based on the Telit LTE 3GPP HSPA+ modules and contain everything you need to design for the IoT and M2M. About this Solution: The 4G Development Kit for IoT/M2M Applications is based on Telit Wireless Solutions LE910 family of modules; the next generation

Raspberry Pis Now See Better With an 8MP Sony Camera Module

Those of you who follow the Raspberry Pi might have been aware of the demise of the popular digital camera module for the system. The Pi Foundation has since found a new and much-improved 8-megapixel part to use as a replacement: Sony’s IMX219 sensor. The new sensor is used in both the visible-light

Cmedia Crystal-less Full Speed USB2.0 Audio Codec with I2C/GPIOs is an Ideal Chipset for Audio Applications

The Cmedia CM119B/BN is a highly integrated single chip USB audio solution. CM119B is in 48LQFP package and CM119BN is in 48 QFN package. All essential analog modules are embedded in the chip, including dual DAC and headphone amplifier, mono ADC, microphone booster, PLL, crystal-less design, regulator, anti-pop circuitry and

Nordic Semiconductor Ultra-thin Bluetooth Smart Solution for Smartcards and Wearables

Nordic Semiconductor offers a Thin Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package (Thin WL-CSP) variant of its nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Systems-on-Chip (SoC). Nordic’s Thin WL-CSP nRF51822 is designed to address the needs of the fast-growing Bluetooth® connected payment and subscription smartcard market, as well as miniaturized wearables applications where the physical profiles of

(VIDEO) Symmetry Enables Graphics Application Development with the Fujitsu IdeaBoxx

Fujitsu has introduced the new IdeaBoxx™ graphics application development kit, providing a low cost, self-contained, self-starting kit for quick evaluation of a complete graphical sub-system. IdeaBoxx is designed to enable users to be ready and running in minutes, not hours. Even users with little or no programming experience can develop

Functional Safety in Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs

It is hard to overstate the importance of the modern industrial production line. Virtually every product you own was crafted in whole or in part using this sort of technique. Yet from the earliest days industrialization has brought risks for the workers. Sometimes it can seem as if the history

Fujitsu Components Bluetooth Smart Modules with Unique Data Communication Profile iPad/Keyboard Demo

Fujitsu Component America, Inc. announces the availability of an ultra small Bluetooth® Smart module that is approximately 50 percent smaller than its predecessor, the MBH7BLZ02. With its combined compact size and low power consumption, the new module reduces the cost and time to develop even smaller and lighter battery-powered wireless

Telit Wireless Solutions Has A Wide Range of Automotive IoT Modules

Automotive is one of Telit’s core segments and of particular importance to Telit. Telit not only develops modules specific for this industry but ensure the highest quality standards are observed from R&D to manufacturing and logistics, completely meeting automotive requirements. To guarantee total adherence to these quality standards Telit has

Symmetry Electronics Presents: An Introduction to LoRa Technology

LoRaWAN is a Long Range, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification designed for the Internet of Things. It emphasizes secure bi-directional communication, mobility, and localization services to provide simple, seamless interoperability among smart Things. Image source: Gateways connected to the network server via standard IP connections relay messages between end-devices

Symmetry Friday Hacking Fun: Arduino + Laser Pointer + Cat

Ever since its release into the market, people have been building a variety of different robots with Arduinos. Some may be really straightforward, some are a bit advanced, while yet others provide endless fun for your cat. Like most Arduino projects, the Cat Laser Entertainer Robot (technical term) is very cheap and easy to

Build An Arduino the Size of a AA Battery

One of the great things about the Arduino is that it’s totally open source so you can make your own variations on it. Case in point, DIYer Johan Kanflo’s AAduino, which comes in at the size of a AA battery. Kanflo’s project is a wireless Arduino clone that’s meant to

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52832 Bluetooth Smart SoC wins 2015 CEM Editor’s Choice Award

The Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth Smart SoC incorporates NFC for consumer-friendly, fast, secure and simpler Bluetooth pairing. The nRF52832 Bluetooth Smart SoC successfully fulfilled the 2015 CEM Editor’s Choice Award selection criteria, including brand influence, market share, technological innovation and product service and was a winner of the China Electronic Market

An Introduction to the Trinamic TMC2130 stealthChop Stepper Driver Motor (VIDEO)

The Trinamic TMC2130 stealthChop Stepper Driver Motor is a high performance driver IC for two phase stepper motors. Standard SPI and Step/Dir simplify communication. Trinamic’s sophisticated stealthChop chopper ensures noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and best motor torque. Due to features like stallGuard2 and coolStep energy consumption can be

AMD Announces World’s First Professional Workstation Graphics Card with Industry-Leading 32GB Memory

At the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, AMD announced the new AMD FirePro W9100 32GB — the world’s first workstation graphics card with industry leading 32GB memory support for large asset workflows with creative applications1 planned for availability in Q2 2016. AMD also introduced the AMD FireRender plug-in

Lattice Semiconductor – Using USB Type-C Alt Mode

Apple made it the only connector on the new MacBook. LG put it on the G5, their flagship phone. USB Type‑C™ looks to be game-changer, with multiple optional features, such as the ability to support up to 10 Gbps of data, 100W of power, and UHD video in a small

Three Reasons Why Products Need OTA

OTA (over-the-air update) functionality is one of the most sought after features in the connected space. Getting this right, will ensure ongoing success for IoT-enabled products from a revenue, customer satisfaction and security perspective. Here are the three reasons why smart products need to have OTA : 1. Improved service

Plug-and-play Ready ITAS Iridium Transceiver Antenna System from M2M Alliance Member Hirschmann Solutions

Developed in cooperation between Hirschmann Car Communication, Quake Global and Inthinc the ITAS is an efficient, satellite add-on solution, allowing customers to effortlessly connect to Iridium’s (Short Burst Data) SBD satellite network. It is fully qualified and certified to operate through harsh environments. The ITAS’ simple installation and integration make

Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko SoCs for IoT Connectivity Get Boost From IAR Embedded Workbench

IAR Embedded Workbench and the new Silicon Labs multiprotocol Wireless Gecko SoC portfolio provide developers with new possibilities for creating high-performance, energy-friendly connected applications IAR Systems® announces that the world-leading development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® now supports the Wireless Gecko SoCs from Silicon Labs. With its highly optimizing

Intel Officially Unveils Apollo Lake Platform

As expected this week, Intel has officially announce its new Apollo Lake platform. The next-generation family of Atom-based processors uses a new architecture with a new graphics core used in Skylake for better performance as well as improved power efficiency and thermal control. The new Apollo Lake lineup is built

The Benefits of Using Power over Ethernet

More and more, small business owners are seeking “green” alternatives for reducing the power consumed by Ethernet switches, routers, VoIP, and WiFi equipment. This demand for a green alternative is driven from the continual need to create and incorporate environmentally friendly products and significantly reduce operational costs that a business

Lattice Expands Award-Winning MachXO3™ Product Family and Symmetry Offers Free MachXO3™ Dev Kits

New Product Offers 35 Percent Increase in LUTs and 15 Percent More I/Os, Continuing to Deliver on the Promise of Lowest Cost Per I/O Device. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), the leading provider of customizable smart connectivity solutions, today announced the expansion of its award-winning MachXO3™ family of FPGAs with

Designing Smart Farms: Using Sensors to Improve Management and Productivity on Cattle Farms

The Challenges Farmers are Facing Today Farming is under continuous pressure to deliver quality product at the lowest possible price. As a result, the farmer’s margins are under constant pressure. To ensure the farmer achieves the maximum possible margin, the efficiency of the farming process needs to be optimized. In

The Wireless Industry’s Search for a New Connection

The phone company would like to sell its customers some video. Once considered cutting-edge and hugely profitable, such advances as cellular calls, text messaging and cellular data have started to lose their shine in a market where just about everyone who wants a smartphone already has one. With the U.S.

A Guide to the Internet of Things from Intel [Infographic]

The Internet of Things contains an enormous variety of sensors and connected smart objects that are making the web wiser. Our IoT world is growing at a breathtaking pace, from 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020. Most IoT smart devices aren’t in your home,

GainSpan Music ADK Enables Multiple Audio Streaming Designs

The GainSpan music ADK is a development platform to enable customers to build 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi high quality wireless music applications such as Wi-Fi speakers and headsets using GS2000-based modules. By integrating the major hardware and software components for a Wi-Fi streaming music solution, this platform significantly accelerates the development

GPS vs GLONASS: Which to Choose When Your Tracking Application Can’t Afford Both

In the last few years many chipsets have become available that have the ability to track satellite constellations in addition to GPS. The question that we often get from customers is: Which is best for my application, GPS or GLONASS? The quick answer is: “Use both of them.” Unfortunately, the

DecaWave DW1000 UWB Wireless Transceiver for Unrivalled Indoor Precision Location and Communication

DecaWave’s DW1000 provides a new approach to Real Time Location and Indoor Positioning Systems, Location Based Services, Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things by providing accurate location awareness and communication. DecaWave‘s DW1000 is the world’s first single chip UWB transceiver, enabling you to develop cost effective RTLS solutions

Symmetry Electronics President interviewed in February issue of Electronics Sourcing magazine

The February 2016 issue of ‘Electronics Sourcing’ features an article highlighting how customers are demanding more services from their distributors, specifically when it comes to design assistance. Symmetry Electronics President, Scott Wing was interviewed along with top executives from other leading distributors about how distributors now are providing value beyond

Very hard to find Arduino “Wearable” Starter Kit available through Symmetry’s

The Arduino Wearable Kit is made by Plug’n’Wear specifically for Arduino. This is the best choice if you want to experiment with wearable sensors and actuators and move your first steps into cloth and interactive wearable design. 1. 1x Circular Stretch Sensor Designed by Hannah Perner-Wilson, this circular knit stretch

MultiTech’s MultiConnect® mDot™Awarded LoRaWAN Certification by LoRa® Alliance

MultiTech announced that its MultiConnect® mDot™ a LoRaWAN™ ready, LPWAN RF module, is now fully certified by the LoRa® Alliance through its LoRaWAN certification process conducted at the Espotel’s laboratory in Jyväskylä, Finland. New certification ensures that MultiConnect mDot formally complies with the LoRaWAN specifications and is compatible with LoRaWAN

NEO Announces IoT/M2M Connectivity Rate Plans Starting at $1 on the Aeris Network

Neo puts M2M/IoT connectivity in your hands. The first marketplace of its kind, Neo’s connectivity service is designed with simplicity in mind, providing you with all of the tools you need to deploy your solutions quicker and more effectively than ever before. Neo provides a simple and affordable way for

Antenova Expands Design and Support Facilities in Response to the Increasing Demand for Antennas for M2M and IoT Applications

Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M, has expanded its design and development facility in Taipei’s technology quarter Nei Hu District, Taiwan. This is in direct response to the increasing demand from customers for antennas for M2M and IoT applications. Antenova’s engineering resources cover the USA,

AverLogic Technologies and Redpine Signals’ HD Video WiFi Streaming solution drives the mission to make roads safer

Reference Designs with AverLogic Compression Codec SoC and Redpine Wi-Fi Module demonstrate high quality video transfer for home video monitoring, car camera, and other IoT applications. AverLogic’s AL582C H.264 Codec and Repine Signals’ RS9113 WiFi Module streaming solution helps eliminate blind spots for drivers by wirelessly connecting in-car surveillance control

Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Google to launch SDK for the newest Eddystone framework, an open beacon format from Google

Google announced a new more secure version of its Eddystone™ beacon format – Eddystone-EID – and Nordic Semiconductor simultaneously announced that it has launched a full software development kit (SDK) and supporting tools to support it. Like Eddystone, Eddystone-EID is capable of working across Android and iOS devices but is

High-Tech Helmets: The Beautiful Pairing of Motorcycle Helmets and Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard used in a vast number of devices that make our lives a little easier. Most people these days are familiar with typical Bluetooth devices like headsets, keyboard/mouse, speakers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors. Perhaps a little less well known are fitness trackers in